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Our trainings are divided into two pathways based on your needs

  • Interactive modules designed for a busy professional

  • Researched content by leading experts in sustainability

  • Designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge



Awareness courses are short modules of 30 minutes to 6 hours aimed at introducing sustainability challenges and solutions.



These courses (25 to 50 hours on average) allow you to master corporate sustainability topics through applied learning.

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  • Cultivate your sustainability awareness
  • Acquire skills to grow in your career
  • Transition to a career in sustainability
  • Train teams on sustainability
  • Customize training for your company
  • Track progress
  • Host courses on your internal LMS

Our unique approach to training

Designed for working professionals, our training courses are designed to offer a pace that is compatible with personal or professional schedule constraints. This adaptive learning allows the learner to progress according to his or her previous experience, affinities and curiosity, in a learning context firmly anchored in the business world.

Variety of content and media to adapt to all forms of memorization, grouping in communities of learners to reinforce social learning, hotline for remote support, semi-automated exercises, access to a library of cases … We use all the springs of technology to offer a complete and innovative educational experience.

At EcoLearn, the training experience is not only digital, it is extended through remote or face-to-face workshops. We are continuously developing a catalog of animation and “serious games” that allow for realistic scenarios or moments of playful interaction to anchor knowledge.

EcoLearn systematically strives to reconcile scientific and academic reference productions with feedback from sustainability practitioners. Our goal is to enable you to develop a systemic approach to these issues, while sharpening your critical thinking skills.

Designed for the business world, EcoLearn trainings are resolutely action-oriented: systematic illustrations through business practices, application exercises, methodological focus, business cases…

The history of sustainable development is being written before our eyes! It is impossible to be a successful sustainability professional without mastering the latest regulations, standards or trends in the field. It is our role to guarantee regularly updated content and to decipher for you this constantly evolving context.

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